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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Remember Your First Bike?

I recently purchased this Hero Arts Bicycle stamp and wasn't really sure what I was going to do with it. Turns out it has been fun to work with. I remember my first bike and it was similar to this. I think I had a basket too but trust me there were no flowers in it!

Riding a bike is fun and my husband and I started back riding last spring. He actually got himself one of those road bikes with the skinny tires :-) I have something similar and I really like how the gears assist you in riding - but wasn't it just so much more fun on the older bikes with the big FAT seats and big fat tires :-) Just reminiscing.

Week 4 Summer Card Camp colors.

Thank you for stopping by! Did your first bike look like this?

Stamp: Hero Arts Wood Stamp Bicycle F5293
Bicycle was stamped with Hero Hues Cerulean and Grass

By The Way - did you put cardboard flaps in your spokes with clothes pins? I think I am really showing my age :-)
Be Blessed and Have a Great Day!


  1. love the card--

    i put playing cards n my wheels with clothes pins! i loved it!!

  2. Pretty! Love the bicycles with the rhinestones!

  3. Thanks for your nice comment. I like your bike-card very much! I also had cardboard flaps with clothespins (in the Netherlands), and I'm really not that old LOL.

  4. Like your bike stamped card. I posted a bike card of a different sort: a tandem bike I made with Sweethearts Cricut cartridge. Wonder if there's a tandem bike stamp out there? I think my # linked to Gallery 4 of the 2011 Online Summer Card Camp is #547.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"